When you’re feeling particularly off your game, consider entering a fitness challenge. We can all use a healthy dose of competition in our lives to keep things fun and interesting. Having others going through similar challenges creates a sense of camaraderie like no other. You’re all fighting the same battle together. Therefore, there’s no reason to not make a game out of it. Fitness challenges are popping up everywhere these days and vary in size and scope. Essentially, you all agree to an amount of time, somewhere around the six-week mark, and see who can lose the most weight, healthfully. We cannot stress the last part enough: do not practice unhealthy methods of losing weight or putting on muscle. First and foremost, it is a massive detriment to your health. These things take time, allow your progress to take that time. We want to see you happy and healthy and achieving your goals in a responsible way.

With all of that said, we believe that competition is healthy. You can see how others are pushing themselves in the gym and outside to be physical and active, which will drive you to beat them. Did they walk three miles today? You know you can do three and a half, at least. They were in the gym for 30 minutes? You can do 45 no sweat — well maybe a little sweat, it’s good for you. You don’t want to fall behind, you want to build muscle just like everyone else in the challenge and fit into your old clothes that are collecting dust in your closet or dresser.

Speaking of being in the gym, you’ll likely learn new workouts to keep your time in the gym fun and fresh. There’s no chance you can get bored if you find new ways to push yourself. Up your weights, up the reps, try a superset, or two. Try a full body workout, or focus on seldom used muscles. One of the biggest complaints people make in their fitness journey is that they’ve plateaued. A plateau happens when you’ve been doing the same routine for too long and your body is used to it. It’s important to know and understand that plateaus happen to everyone, not just you. However, when you’re in a fitness challenge, you’ll find out the routines and strategies other members are using when they’re in and out of the gym. You can learn their tips and tricks and employ them yourself so you can move beyond the frustration of being stuck in the same place. Additionally, you can help someone else overcome their plateau obstacle. it’s a give-and-take situation and you’re able to make a difference in someone’s life.

Building off of moving past plateaus physically, by joining a fitness challenge, you’ll have a new group of like-minded people who can help keep you grounded and motivated when you hit a wall. If you feel like giving up, talk to the group. They’re there to cheer you on because they know they need someone to cheer them on. You’re not alone in this uphill battle. There are hundreds of people just like you trying to reach their ideal goal of themselves and we promise they’re working towards that goal in a fitness challenge just like you. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our fitness challenge page to see the ones that are available. Gaining muscle? Trying to drop a few pounds? We’ve got you covered.

When you’re in a challenge, you push yourself more. By pushing yourself more, you’re subconsciously building healthier habits. You’ll find yourself naturally reducing portions to healthier amounts, visiting the gym more frequently, and staying in the gym a bit longer than usual. Reprogramming our brains to choose more exercise and healthier meal options is no easy task, but repetition helps build and reinforce those decisions. A six-week challenge is more than enough time to set these new habits in stone and help you avoid making excuses to skip your cardio.

So what do you think? Sounds kind of fun to join a challenge and see if you can push yourself in a healthy and sustainable way? Trying to get that six-pack abdomen and some bigger muscles? Enter a muscle building contest and bulk up! Check out our list of fat burning supplements and muscle building supplements to give you an edge and win. For more information, take a look around our site, or give us a call so we can chat and assist you with the right items and tips and tricks for success.


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